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sony a6000 any opinions ?

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Johnathon is off-line
18 July 2015 14:53

United Kingdom

Having bought a A6000 in Febuary , first thing I bought was another battery and then a OM adaptor because I had Olympus lenses.I also bought a Thumbs Up , which placed in the hot shoes gives the camera a perfect balance. I find the learning curve very high. I,ve just bought a 18-105 lense which I took on a shoot today and viewing the images they look very sharp
Thing that can be improved a bigger hand grip, a proper motordrive and a better to understand menu.

alex crawford is off-lineSilver Member
19 July 2015 22:21
United Kingdom

hi jonathons, well our paths are very similar.

i also have an 18-105 which is on the camera pretty much full time.

i also use the 55-210 which is a really decent performer when in its sweet spot.

the camera came with a 50/1.8 which i use for portraits mainly.

i am restricting my use of iso up to 1600 (sometimes 3200) to keep the noise
levels acceptable to my eye.

a battery grip (cheper 3rd party) is made for it, but ive not felt
the need for it - especially as it needs an external cable to fit between the
vertical grip and the camera's usb port.

motordrive? it does 11 fps native. i'm confused why you want a "proper" motordrive ?

i'm having HUGE fun with this camera and lens system as its so small and pocketable
that i no longer have to hire a taxi to follow me with my kit if i truly want pocketable
(albeit for a large pocket) then i switch to the kit zoom, which is quite good around its sweet
spot of about f6.7 or f8.

having a tiny flash for fill in work is lovely too. i got used to using the canon 5d2 with no
built in flash

i agree about the menu. its not so intuitive, but once learned it becomes easy.
from the thumbwheel we can access:
exposure comp
drive mode

we have preset memories x 3 under the memory function
and programmable buttons to keep us busy for years !

i've recently added the nissin i40 which is helping to trigger my
studio strobes and also to do some bouncy flash shots, and fill in too.

i purchased a cheap adapter so i can use the canon lenses on the a6000, so my L glass
is all useable in slow autofocus or manual focus.
i'm pretty sure that an iteration of the camera will combine both contrast and phase
autofocus and will allow the canon glass to operate as fast as when on its native body.

all in all i'm pleased. noise levels are proving to be noticeable at 3200 and above,
which hasnt proved a huge problem yet. i'm limiting myself to lower iso's which in the
days of film i used to keep down to 400 asa, so i'm not sure exactly what i'm griping about LOL...

i just read of a nikon man ditching his kit to use the a6000 professinally
and earlier today a canon 5d2 user has just told me he's selling his canon ff
and moving over to the sony a6000. amazing.

this camera has brought back the fun in funtography for me.

i plan to keep the canon 100d body and all the lenses,

the 5d2 body may be swapped for a zeiss lens or one of the new f2.8
sony lenses about to be released

enjoy !!!

alex crawford is off-lineSilver Member
19 July 2015 22:59
United Kingdom

neil (profilepictures) ,

one thing i didnt mention is the evf. it took me a good while to get used to it.
at first i thought that i couldn't press the shutter release even though i'd got tone
and the green light - it looked out of focus and weird.
so, i adjusted the diopter setting trusting the focus *was* good, and then noticed
that the screen is ok but not good. i've begun to trust in the READOUT rather than
the optical evidence in the viewfinder, and yes, my trust has been well placed. i'm getting
far more (focus) keepers using the sony than i ever have done with the 5d2, which is known
for being a little wayward in that respect

i'm sorry to say that i really do think that 1600 or 3200 is an acceptable iso limit for me.
others may have differing opinions. i guess if one shoots at max resolution of what is it, 22m ?,
then displaying the photograph on the average pc at home will be fine. printing at full size may
be a letdown, i just dont know, i dont do huge roadside posters.

the promise of some f2.8 glass coming for the e-mount is welcomed; in my case more for the
quality of the glass rather than the need for bokeh that hugely separates the subject or
for photographing coal in a dark coal cellar.

speaking as a confirmed canon user i tried very hard to ignore the sony products,
but, in the end, they have won the day and the battle is over.

with the a6000 put it into decent light and it comes alive in one's hands and makes
photographs suitable for most and at a size/weight ratio that would astound most 1ds mk4 users

its not inherently waterproof, battery life is in the high 300's, and lenses are
not as ranging in the sony offerings. having said that what do i carry with me all day long?
why the a6000 of course (plus a couple of lenses in my "man bag").

yes i'd like to hear/see more kit comparisons by people that use the kit,
not the pure laboratory people, although they play an important part to the whole story.

vive le revolution !

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