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sony a6000 any opinions ?

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alex crawford is off-lineSilver Member
23 February 2015 18:45
United Kingdom

does anyone have any opinions on the sony a6000 as a walkabout camera
for street photography and portraits ?

no good telling me that a fuji xyz is better though, as i dont have the option
of buying a fuji just a very good deal from an acquaintance on a sony a6000
that will probably be a once in lifetime kinda deal.

so, i buy or not tomorrow morning. i will be interested to hear your opinions please !
(and will be busily looking up the review sites tonight)

thanks, al

Toxic is off-line
24 February 2015 02:16

United Kingdom

This should help you decide fella, I'm swapping from Fuji to Sony shortly myself.

alex crawford is off-lineSilver Member
24 February 2015 13:31
United Kingdom


i didnt realise cameras like this existed !!!

canon would lose me in an instant if the sony range works like this AND my bank balance
were a lot healthier than it is right now.

Pentti Pohjonen is off-lineSilver Member
25 February 2015 11:23

Quote from alexcrawford
canon would lose me in an instant if the sony range works like this AND my bank balance were a lot healthier than it is right now.

You can use your Canon lenses with A6000 with an adapter. Some lenses even have AF.

Steven Jardine is off-linePlatinum Member
25 February 2015 11:33
United Kingdom
Stoke Mandeville

If you're desparate to use Canon lenses you already have, the M series (now at M3) will do the job.
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alex crawford is off-lineSilver Member
28 February 2015 03:31
United Kingdom

wow, the more i'm using the a6000 the more i'm AMAZED at the speed it does the important
stuff, compared to what appears to be old dated canon tech (and that's my 5d mk2).

its so customisable that im dizzy with all the options, but thankfully there are 3
memories that can be used, so i've spent my time setting up for a b+w shoot i'm going
to do soon, so that when the inevitable happens and i adjust something in error, i can
get back to the preferred settings easily.

some of the fab things ive found:
*the standard zoom lens isnt as bad as i'd been led to believe. its making quite acceptable
10x8 prints when using the "standard" colour option.
*i'm finding that i like the colour rendition of the camera/lens combo.
*wifi is simply a great thing, its allowed cheap (free) remote control.
*downloading apps onto the camera - it now has a time lapse ability at a cost of £8
but more importantly done in it's software, so no more specialised remote controls.
*small / light

i'm totally wrapped up in the hype of the a6000 at the moment. no doubt another
week will see me finding things i really dont like, but as yet, its been difficult
to go that route. i have the 50mm (equates to a 75mm) and have taken some
lovely shots using auto hdr mode on the camera.

so far so good.

redchecker: ive ordered off the interwhizz an adapter that goes e-fit to ef.
reports say it retains autofocus etc but its slowed down from the hyper fast native lenses.
we shall see.... i will report back on the adapter in a few weeks time, and how the
canon lenses work with the a6000 body.

at the moment if i were a professional, i'd also be thinking of smaller lighter
kit... its the one thing that persuaded me a canon 100d body was good for me, which it was.

downside: the a6000 must get a touchscreen. ive found myself touching the screen
to change the focus point - although i'm still a fan of the half-press and recompose
method, being able to touch a screen to refocus is quick and easy in 99% of the shots i take,
i.e. not in direct blistering sunlight where screens are difficult to see...

apologies for accidentally deleting my last post. i shouted out loud "buggerit" but
didnt find a way of undeleting

all the best, a happy a6000 bunny

alex crawford is off-lineSilver Member
03 March 2015 22:20
United Kingdom

a6000 update: the honeymoon is over LOL.

i simply love the quality of the output in such a small package. pocketable
with the kit lens, which is not the awful performer i was led to believe it would be.

what i have found that totally rocked me (but i should have remembered reading about it
a long time ago) is the sony flash hotshoe. its not a standard iso hotshoe so does not
take any of my speedlights or triggers. an adapter has been ordered off the interweb
which i hope to have delivered on thursday. excited to see if the £10 investment works !

so far i've set up all three memory profiles on the camera.
memory 1: b+w
memory 2: colour
memory 3: flash shutter priority

the sony-to-canon adapter is wending its way out to me right now,
so i hope to report on that later. i am expecting very much slower autofocus speed,
but the ability to use the 70-200 2.8 or 4 will make this
an outstanding piece of kit and dirt-cheap for the results i'm getting
as no further expense on sony lenses as i now have all the canon lenses
that i can foresee will be needed for years to come...

i often have to check the camera is in the bag (it is) due to the
weight difference. batteries drain fast, so i'm now working with a
2-piece mains charger and plan on a shoot with 4 or 6 batteries on board.

i wish the rear screen was fully rotatable like the canon G-series, but
i'm getting used to the idea of it being fixed in landscape orientation.

does anyone else here use the a6000 ?

cheers alex

alex crawford is off-lineSilver Member
16 July 2015 12:00
United Kingdom

i thought its about time to update this thread. i know a lot of people will be reading it but
probably not commenting, so i deem it worth while to do.

the a6000 (ilce-6000) is a good piece of kit for my kind of photography.
the one bugbear is the multi interface adapter shoe, which isnt a standard hot shoe.
i have got around that difficulty by simply using a nissin i40 flash to trigger my
studio flash. if i were working outside i'd definitely need a 2.4GHz radio trigger, and
would need to research that more...

so far so good. all the kit i need to tote around fits in a small bag that i call my "man bag"
which carries my wallet and phone and specs too.

i have shot my first studio shoot with it, and i am very impressed with its light weight handleability.

for shots in raw i use adobes dng converter, and work in photoshop elements 11, or chose the jpg to work with.

i have sprung for a couple of additional lenses, one of which is the general purpose video-friendly
18-105 f4 G lens. i tested for the sweet spot so am generally found shooting at about f6.7 to f8 with
that lens, but it has auto-correction software in-camera so as a combination of camera and lens
there is a synergy that happens and photographs come out looking fairly nice.

compared to the canon's offering of colour balance, i find that i'm working with the sony a lot
faster post processing wise. the reds are well controlled compared to canon, and i find myself
far far happier with skin tones directly out of the camera.

my adapter arrived so i can now use all my canon lenses on the a6k body, and boy does that work !
i can chose my 70-200 f2.8 if i feel that way inclined, or the 70-200 f4 if im out and about, plus
all the other nice canon L glass. i dont think the autofocus on the a6k body is anything to shout
about when married with canon glass. its slow and ponderous (not phase but contrast detection) and is
good for portraits and landscape but definitely not sporty shooting. ive learned how to manual focus
again with focus peeking working very well. with that auto-zoomy focus checker device switched on,
critical focus can be had easily. dont get me wrong, i'd much prefer autofocus, but to avoid spending
another few £k, i'm happy to manual focus. f2.8 e-mount lenses are coming to market soon, so much
of what's required will be covered, but at a sony cost. i'm not sure that is worth the extra money,
as the results i'm getting from sensible use of the kit lenses is good enough for my purposes.
dare i say zeiss glass ? i have been tempted, but i'm avoiding getting onto that bandwagon
when taking into account the canon glass i have at my disposal already.

battery life is dire when using pre-focus and using the rear screen in a "live view" kind of setup.
apparently the evf uses a lot less juice, and i've found that to be hugely advantageous in low light
and bright sunlight; bright light always makes my camera and cell phone a headache to use. chimping
has to be done when hunched over the camera shielding it away from the rays

yesterday i shot all the colour shots on the sony a6000, and all the b+w shots on the 5d2.
i'm beginning to move away from the large bulky kit. next time i go abroad for a holiday all my
canon kit stays at home with the exception of a lens or two. such is my confidence in the sony.
but, like always, i like to take at least 2 backup batteries, and a charger that i can use in mains
or off the car's 12v supply.

the temptation to spend ££££'s on the latest sony offerings is huge, but i'm not allowing
myself to get caught up in the hype. if pro wedding photographers can use the a6k to get
professional looking results, and they do, then i'm cool with it (for my style of photographs).

dear mr sony: please get rid of that rediculous multi interface shoe, and give us an industry
standard that so many things will fit on. please !

11 fps isnt such a bad thing either. sounds like a pro that knows what he's doing LOL or as kai would
say, sexy !

the software downloads that are available for timelapse, and shutter release by putting a hand over
the evf sensor, and loads of other things are available at cheap prices, downloadable from the sony site,
and my anger of upgrades being charged for was wrong. i gave up on one piece of software and was prepared
to purchase it again, but got all the way through to the payments page when it said i didnt need to pay.
hmmmm. i wish that was made clear earlier on as lots of foul mouthed words would not have been spewed out.
i guess there's a maximum number of downloads for free, or something like that? i still dont know.

low light performance of the a6k isnt as good as i'd expected it to be. the results (subjectively) appear
a little grainy when i start to hike the iso over 1600, but that's on a apsc sensor, so i dont want to be
overly critical. colours are superb in daylight flash overcast and sunny situations.
there are almost too many options to dial in in the menus, but 3 camera profiles can be stored in memory,
and for me thats enough.

phew. am i pleased with my purchase? yes. could it be better? yes.
will i be selling it ? no.

hope this helps someone. its a very practical honest opinion of my own, and isnt
influenced by hype excitement and bs that can be read or watched on the internet.

all the best

now that sony have released some ground breaking cameras such as the a7r2 i think canon and nikon
are going to be pressed into speeding up their releases to keep market share. its not an uncommon opinion,
and i'm sure many of you here will NOT share it with sony users

Steve M is off-line
16 July 2015 15:40
United Kingdom

Thanks for the update, just wish more people did this
I live for the nights that I can't remember / with the people that I can't forget

Profile Pictures is off-line
17 July 2015 04:20
United Kingdom
Bury St Edmunds

Interesting review Alex, and if any manufacturer might persuade me, it'd be sony. I'd still want a conventional dslr body I think and certainly the ISO capability I've seen on a friends ( in video work only at this stage) is excellent. The hot shoe thing is a pain, I can't imagine why they much about with that still other than to sell their own flash units- which seems counterproductive if they want to steal market share. The limiting ISO 1600 here is the other concern for me with your model as I simply wouldn't get a large proportion of the shots I need at that point.

And, yes, it confuses me that so few here share kit reviews. It's a natural interest for photographers and certainly last time I mentioned something new and utterly useful, it was largely ignored. Having said that, many are happy to shoot crap with crap I think!

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