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Wanted Ring Flash

17 January 2015 19:25

Let me explain myself a little better.

Yes I have dyslexia, but the upside is it gives me creativity, and a heighten IQ and some reason I also have a sharp memory, sadly in means typing stuff is pretty paulbatterbury is a naughty person for me, and as a result I not stress out a little mean typing or having to explain myself in textual form.

What we where all trying to help you with establish what type of ring flash you wanted, not the style of photography. I know RedChecker has one, because several years ago we had a quick conversation on line about using it on location. I believe he went for a Pro Photo, where I own a Hensel Porty and ring kit, and was convinced by someone not to go for Elinchrom (and it was a good call), but sometime I wish I had a Quatra. But as Red has said, you can get attachments for rings now, these include a softbox, beauty dish and honeycrombs depending on what manufacture.

What I wrote (on the thread) above, in respects to ring flashes, comes from researching, buying, owning and using a ring flash. I have had to transport it on a plane several times for shoot aboard, which has been costly so I am trying to help you based on my personal experience. If some thinks that is *BS*, more the fool them, and as you said you want to shoot fashion and glamour, I shoot glamour I am not saying I am a fantastic photographer, and therefore you should listen to me, but maybe some on my experiences and work may run parallel to yours in the future, when using a ring.

However it is a common believe that many photographers who desire a ring flash, feel that it will solely improve their photography and allow them to be published, and this is not the case, as I said the ring flash is a tool, and all tools can be use correctly or incorrectly.

Your opening question on the thread was vague, had you been more specific on the type of ring flash you wanted, because you didn’t say if it was for studio use only, or location and studio etc, and hence we asked what type of ring flash you wanted, and oddly still you have not answered it, but you say you resolved it, so OK, i hope you get good use out of it.

Kind Regards Paul

richardu is off-line
18 January 2015 09:58

United Kingdom


Weather you have any handicap or not. It does not give you the right to lecture others. I had no reason to explain any further than I did. I did not need a lecture on the type and use and did not ask for any explanation. You should not have contributed in this way it was uncalled for. I found it slightly offensive, but felt at the time to ignore your comments. You took it for granted I did not know what I was doing, I think I've clarified that. Now, do not continue the thread any more its not wanted or required, except that you've had your say now leave it. For your information, the ring flash is only being used for one project and its being used as an effect not to improve my pictures. You may like to consider this yourself.

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