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Nikon d3s, boxed, low shutter count etc

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30 December 2014 11:20
United Kingdom
East Yorkshire

My d3s is up for sale, very good condition and has had two owners, an architectural photographer who figured it was overkill and switched to a d700 and then myself, i've shot pretty much studio and weddings with it and looked after it accordingly.
It has been used however so has nominal marking relative to a professional grade camera being used by a professional, screen is clean and scratch free but there's a small amount of rubbing near the bottom trigger button and some very light rubbing on the other corner as well as some of the nikon white in the lettering but that's if i'm being particularly fussy. There are likely other seriously small markings on it that only the fussiest of buyers might notice so in that respect don't expect a "mint" condition body
I've switched to a smaller system but will miss the professional features of this body, it's a monster of a camera, high iso is brilliant, autofocus is blinding, fps and all that gubbins is top notch and the battery life is insane, the layout of these cameras are so intuitive with buttons for everything in just the right places, they're just not lightweight cameras >.<
You'll get what's seen in the photos in the link at the bottom (not the tv and such )
2 x batteries, 1 oem and 1 non-oem - both last a stupidly long time and I can demolish an entire wedding and still have plenty of battery left in the same battery i started with
2 x 8GB Sandisk Ultra memory cards.
Dual Fast Charger
I replaced the eye cup with one that you can fold out to block light or push back to make it like the usual one (dk19m?)
I do also have the genuine strap in a box somewhere that isn't in the photos and i've just realised neither are the cf cards but they'll be popped in for posting
Shutter count is low at 50,254 and these are rated to 300,000 and above, i really expected this to be higher but that's likely what comes from shooting with two bodies
Asking £1400 ono inc RMSD as i know you lot love a haggle, payment via bank transfer or cash on collection
Also happy to consider swaps for things like lenses and i could do with a new computer aha
Pictures can be found at and the majority of the photos on the site will have been taken with this d3s or ~ i lack interweb social skills and may come across a bit james blunt

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