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Selling off my Canon kit

Les Higgins is off-lineSilver Member
15 December 2014 15:49
United Kingdom
Tyne and Wear

Mostly comprising EOS 6D (approx 5000 clicks) and about 5 months old totally mint, 24-105 f4L which has some good use and i unboxed but very good condition, 70-200 f4L again unboxed and my most used lens but will reflect in the price, and also my beloved Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART which is only 3 months old and fully pouched and boxed and still has original purchase receipt and warranty remaining. Also selling my EOS 500D (body only and boxed) and possibly my EOS 60D with 18-55 kit lens. Inbox me if you have interest as i'm not advertising to be told the items can be bought cheaper elsewhere, as if thats the case just buy them as i am not here to give it away.
Only selling as I'm moving across to the Fuji system

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