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New to Modeling

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08 December 2014 12:06

United States

Hey everyone! My cousin works as a designer and has been bugging me to get into modeling since I was a young teen. She claims I have the build and the look to go places. I'm really not sure. But finally I decided to look into modeling! So if you could take a look at my pictures. Yes I know none of them are professionally done I just want some opinions on whether or not this is worth my time, money, and energy to pursue.
For reference I'm 18 years old and a college student. I am also a track runner.
Height: 5'10" barefoot
Weight: 135-140lbs (could shave a few off, college food is not exactly the healthiest)
Bust: 33in
Waist: 26.5in (again want to get back to 25.5-26 like I was before college)
Hips: 36in
Hair: Very Long natural blonde
Eyes: Blue

Thanks everyone in advance! And please feel free to be critique honestly. I love constructive criticism, it makes me better.

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08 December 2014 12:21
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United Kingdom

It's a different market in the US compared to here but if you were in the UK I'd say your internet modelling opportunities would be limited significantly by the range of levels you're willing to work. But in the US things might well be different, I don't know.

As for real world commercial modelling the only way you're gonna find out for sure is to go visit some agencies local to you and see what they say.

Good luck

08 December 2014 15:24

Well I can certainly see why your cousin has been bugging you, you have the looks for it. I'm wondering why you aren't modeling some of your cousins work?

The hardest part about the genres you are interested in is that getting paid work for them is pretty tough. On the other hand getting people to shoot some professional time-for-cd shots should be pretty easy. But make sure they have a good portfolio!(use your cousin's contacts, network!)

As the previous poster said, the internet options are not great in the fitness/fashion world. My impression from talking with fashion photogs is that there a lots of attractive young women with little to no experience trying to break into that field. Those photographers aren't on internet sites looking for new models.

Now if you were interested in the artistic side, you could be very busy. One way to test those waters is to inquire at your college art dept. if they need artist's models. That can be an excellent introduction, and does get you some pay.

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