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King13 is off-lineSilver Member
26 December 2014 07:34

United Kingdom

I think you have great potential beyond what I see in your profile images. To my eye you have a good face for portraits and the right look for fashion and much more. I'd like to see some full length shots to show your figure/legs, and perhaps there are too many and a sameness in the portraits that you show. So you could reduce these to replace with others to provide a more complete 'picture'. (I'd love to crop off that hand on your elbow in one of the shots - it doesn't seem attached!)
A pity you are so far away from central London!

Happy Christmas.

HowardJ is off-line
26 December 2014 12:04
United Kingdom
West Midlands

Looks like a good start.

Personally I'd change your main image to 'The Pose' as photographers want to see the real you as quickly as possible when they view your profile.

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