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question on male models

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bcoleman is off-lineSilver Member
19 November 2014 13:56

United Kingdom

Hi i have been having a look through for the male models on here. From what i have seen most are in really good shape, is it a big advantage looking like they do as i am not in as good as shape as the models i have seen

redbaron is off-lineSilver Member
19 November 2014 14:45
United Kingdom
Stoke Mandeville

Good or bad shape, work for male models is limited. how important that factor is though depends on the work you are looking for of course. A lot of stock photography for example will be more about expression face and personal grooming. Photographers would be looking for a model with a good sense of personal styling and ideally clothes to match the mood or theme they are creating. Those into Cosplay I presume would consider authentic outfits above physique.

Obviously you only have one selfie to go by but you do not look unfit. Remember that in the photographs you have seen the photographer will have carefully positioned lights to enhance things like the models abs. The model too will also pump themselves up with a brief burst of exercise and know what poses further enhance their muscle.

Personally I would not hold out great hopes on a site like this, which is mainly glamour. If you are serious look through magazines and papers to see where the real modelling work is happening. Make notes of the photographers getting into print with what interests you then consider direct contact.
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