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TF* vs Paid shoots

marlham is off-line
21 November 2014 14:37
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United Kingdom

I agree, TF is often a cause of much trouble and strife.

If a new local model messages me and enquires about a TF I'll generally agree to it and shoot what I hope would be some sound starter images for her port. I'll also be reasonably confident about shooting something with a little more edge/appeal too. Low risk - in terms of fulfilling her expectations - but I'd also be reasonably confident of getting something for myself too.

If an experienced model says to me lets hook up and spend the day shooting whatever takes our fancy then no problem. There's no hard and fast expectations. There's also an understanding that sometimes things just don't work out even though you both hope it will. No major fall out if it doesn't gel. But invariably a pleasant day. This is how I would describe most of my TFs.

But I'm not very keen at all if I think a model has a precise or tightly defined objective. It's always going to be a challenge to deliver exactly what she has in her mind. And nobody wants a model to go away less than happy. So, being a wimp, I run a mile from those unless it's with someone I know very well.

I think successful TF relies on both parties understanding that results simply can't be guaranteed - and in fact a relaxed approach might be more productive anyway. But also on both parties recognising each other's capabilities and limitations properly.

Sammy-Jane is off-lineSilver Member
21 November 2014 18:17
United Kingdom

Could not agree more in general with you.
Only once I have had an exact type of image I wanted to create but done that with a photographer I had worked with many times so there was no huge pressure if it went wrong as we both knew we would still have great images to use either way. As it turns out got the image I wanted and it was even better than I had expected.

Sam x

Paul Crick is off-line
23 November 2014 05:08

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North Yorkshire

We do all three of the scenarios, we are happy to do TFP in which we usually give two 8" x 12" prints for each hour modelled, plus the best of the images fully processed and watermarked for internet usage. We are also happy to do a part payment in cash and a large framed image of their choice. Otherwise when funds are available we are happy to pay the model in cash and they do not get any images.

But we are also open to revive payment form the model, if they want a wall print creating or have a specific idea that they wish to create for their portfolios.

Paul Riddell is off-line
24 November 2014 09:26
United Kingdom

Its whatever you agree on.

Things will vary a lot dependant upon the calibre of the model and / or photographer and who is initiating the deal and what its for.

In my case in general everyone gets paid, models, MUAs, stylists etc. but its the client that will be paying them, not me. We all turn up and rarely would a model, MUA, stylist etc. get a copy of the images, unless its a low paid job when I would insist on it on their behalf because I know I'm generally dealing with less experienced models / MUAs etc. accepting those rates and I'm sure they'll appreciate the images.

But then a lot of the time as my work will be published somewhere and I'll let the team know so they can buy the magazine or get hold of the work however and have a tear sheet which is more valuable anyway. Or otherwise link to a website or take screen shots for that website, which again if its a decent site is worth something.

27 November 2014 05:22

This is really a very common issue, so common that I don't think many people don't post about it as it is the norm.

I recently worked with a 2 models (separate shoots) who were very nice to work with, we produced some website content and both girl liked the work I was producing, One has not asked for images, but made a note on twitter, a month after, and as other people said I don't have to send her anything, after all she was paid (and paid or not) I hold the copyright.

The second model had a look at my other work, and saw several images she liked and wanted to recreate and asked me if I would shoot her portfolio. I said "yes, that would be nice" but then there was a silence and no mention of money. a week or two later she got back in touch, not only did she want me to pay her for shooting, she also wanted me to cover her travel, and food... remember She want to recreate shots I already have and shoot her portfolio.

These are only 2 girls over the 10 years I been shooting.

The things is, things are very one sided when it does come to model, who are looking out solely for there own interests, we often here about their costs of travel, clothes and make up they will quickly forget photographers costs, time etc.

The best way to deal with it is to grow a thick skin, be polite, don't commit and never lose you temper during a shoot, or you will ruin the work from that shoot you are currently on. Never give anything away for free, you will recent it later.
Kind Regards Paul

Andrew Gibbins is off-line
14 January 2015 07:38
United Kingdom
South Yorkshire

Why is this even a discussion? If a photographer pay for a model, then the images is his/hers only. If the photographer wanna give away some images to the model, thats up to the photographer. The model has no claim to them, as she already has been compensated for her time.

If a model wants her copies of the images, then we talk TFP automatically. Which is a fair deal. Thats like having it both ways, which doesn't work very well.

So, either I shoot TFP, where I cooperate with the model and she gets her share of the images, or I pay the model, where I expect the model to do her job and get me the images I want. I do, however, always like working with creative models, as it presents a much better work environment, than a model who has no clue whats going on. And those times I come across models with some creativity, the results have been awesome

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