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90% Of Correspondence not leading to a shoot...

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12 November 2014 05:14

United Kingdom

...I think we all have to accept that's it's not just Purestorm that suffers, running a studio bookings come and go and some are cancelled at the last minute and that can be for any number of reasons.

The problem is when you hear nothing - manners, professionalism, courtesy and a sod you attitude comes to mind. These people that play these games in my experience never last long, it is truthfully best to just move on and only work with people who are trusted.

As we see so often anybody can call themselves and photographer and many call themselves models - its a game and a game of life to many but how many are true at their word as to being a professional and that does not necessarily come down to money.

If you say your going to do something then do it..

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