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Wanted Bowens Gemini GM1000pro or GM500pro Studio Lights

Peter is off-lineGold Member
22 September 2014 04:55

United Kingdom

Wanted Bowens Gemini GM1000pro Or GM500pro Studio Lights In Good Condition. Note Not The Esprit Buget Line Versions


I am looking for 3, Bowens Gemini GM1000Pro lights, I may go for GM500Pro lights as the 1,000 watt ones are not so common.

The respective Bowens product codes are:- BW-3945 and BW-3925. Prepared to pay decent money for lights in perfect condition, under 2 or 3 years old and with a low usage /"Pop' count. Prefer they were from a hobbist, or bought for a specific job rather than a 24x7 studio. Note the ones I want are Black.

Sorry not intersted in the budget range ESPRIT GEMINI RANGE (they are a lighter grey colour, and have Esprit written on them )

please pm me



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