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Wedding photography

Chrissie Red is off-line
12 September 2014 08:10
United Kingdom

I hope this was just a couple of pictures which happen to have been taken at a wedding rather than the images shot by the main wedding photographer?

Although I guess the "was the bride and groom happy with them?/thats all that matters comes into place"

If I got these back from my wedding I think I would have cried - if I got these back from a shoot where I had went to the bother of putting a dress on I probably would have cried.

Have a good look around what other wedding photographers are doing - These are just randomly picked out because I know the photographers -

My wedding photographer was -

Granted they will not all be within the budget of all wedding partners however all wedding photographers should strive to create crisp/clean images like the above. Yes people will pay for badly edited crap but it really should be a crime for people to charge money to do stuff like that.

For me - I wanted somebody who could capture the moments well as well as do pretty funky "set up" shots. I got what I paid for and was overjoyed.

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