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04 September 2014 10:41


I would appreciate some feedback on some of my portraits, I'm very amateur, and have only just started getting into photographing people, rather than wildlife, so I have a lot to learn, any pointers would be great!

Thanks very much for taking the time to have a look!


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04 September 2014 12:53
United Kingdom
Bury St Edmunds

The outdoor stuff is good, I really like the groom shot a lot. there is good use of available light, decent black and white shots and great engagement with the subject.
The cosplay studio shots are not so good, getting a decent light set up in a studio is not too difficult when you know how.

If you look at the difference between harlyquin 1 and harlyquin 2 they are worlds apart in the first one the light has left the background muddy and grey, also looks like you were a bit high as the legs look foreshortened (get down low when shooting these). The 2nd one has shadows and light shaping around bits so is much more interesting (while still needing a bit of work on framing and light).

Not sure wether anyone does tuition down in Devon but recommend spending a couple of hours on tuition in a studio and getting a feel for how to light and then taking those ideas on yourself.
You don't need eyes to see you need vision...........

04 September 2014 13:26

Thanks very much! That was my second time in a studio, and the first time "driving" the lighting myself, so lots to learn.

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