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Quote from matt

IMPORTANT: No Gonzo / POV   [ Clause 16]

22 January 2008
The administration of this site consider that sexual acts between photographers and models as part of shoots ( often termed "gonzo" or "point of view" ) are unacceptable to the professional standards that most of our membership wish to see.

Photographers and models are therefore not permitted to advertise or promote in any way these activities via this site. In addition, models and photographers who engage in this style of work or activity will have their memberships cancelled.

Earlier today we removed a Photographer's account as he has been contacting Models members
to engage with him in sexual intercourse and we also Suspended the profiles of two models
who indicated they were more than happy to engage in sex with him if the fee was high enough.

When we remove a user for breach of Clause 16 of the
 Terms of use we reserve the right to
publish the reason for their removal if we catch then creating further accounts on this site
as we believe the majority of our female members do not wish to be approached for such 'work'.

We appreciate that there are some sites where 'gonzo'  or 'POV Boy/Girl' is deemed acceptable
but Purestorm is not one of these sites and we do not wish to have it turned into one.

Clause 16. Members are not permitted to promote or advertise in any way activities that involve sexual contact between photographers and models as part of shoots ( often termed "gonzo" or "point of view" ). In addition Members are also not permitted to promote or advertise for work that includes sexual contact between male and female; whether clothed or un-clothed. Members who engage in these styles of work or activities , through the forums or the internal messaging system, will have their memberships cancelled.

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