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Nikon D7000 Body with Battery grip for sale

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25 August 2014 13:18
United Kingdom

*Please note, after reading Purestorms Guidelines for this section, this item is being sold/treated as ONE item. It will not and cannot be sold in parts.*

I have a second hand Nikon D7000 body with genuine Nikon MB-D11 Battery grip for sale.

Camera and grip are both well looked after and in great condition. A few tiny obvious little marks from usage, especially on the plastic LCD screen protector.

Also, the viewfinder has 3 or 4 tiny little dust spots. PLEASE NOTE: This is only on the viewfinder, not the sensor or mirror.

I was in the process of boxing up the body and sending it off to Nikon for a clean, just before my replacement body fell into my lap. It does not affect performance in any way and for the most part, I never really took notice of it.

The last jpg image I took was to get a shutter count reading. Which was 24115. Camera was purchased from Greys of Westminster, February 2013, from new.

Items included in box are as follows:

1 x D7000 camera body and body cap
1 x Nikon MB-D11 Battery grip
1 x Nikon MB-D11 Battery grip Nikon battery tray
1 x Nikon MB-D11 Battery grip AA battery tray
1 x Nikon EN-EL15 battery
1 x Nikon EN-EL15 battery charger and power cable
1 x Nikon D7000 manual
1 x Nikon ViewNX2 CD
1 x Unused Nikon Camera strap

Camera price is currently excludes P&P. Asking price is £390. After looking around on the net, I found several other D7000s for the same price, with no lens and no battery grip, and twice as many shutter clicks.

All my gear is always well looked after and regularly cleaned by myself.

I am based in Kent, so collection/delivery with in reason maybe be possible. (UK only)

Images can be found on my website. Links not allowed I believe. It can be found on my profile.

You can email me using my profile or just use the Contact Form on my website. Don’t forget to add some contact details of your own.

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