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Any Togs using Studio's @ woodend Mill Mossley Look In

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Cupid671 is off-lineSilver Member
23 August 2014 14:45
United Kingdom

Hi, Can anybody that uses any of the studio's located at Woodend Mill Mossley who knows of me from 2008 onwards please contact me.
I am just curious if anybody knows what I am guilty of, I have been out of the game for about 4 to 5 years.
I am no competition to anybody but after speaking to an ex member who used to have a studio based there and now is based in Rotherham.
He was ok on the phone for a min or 2 and denied any knowledge of anything and then put down on me and procceded to block me on FB.
Why are these individuals so gutless and have the common decency to let me know what I have done to offend them or I am supposedly GUILTY of.
I am not after a slanging match on the forums but can anybody Please post or Private message me with any info IF anybody can shed any light on this matter for me.
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