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Using a Hotel for a Shoot

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01 September 2014 17:15

Quote from Images1854
I am thinking of hiring a hotel to do a shoot, but as I have never used one both to do a shoot I am looking for some advise and a guide on doing this. Any pointers will be very grateful. Thanks

Shove all your gear into a large suitcase. That way they won't see you are tugging gear. Make sure you set up and take down between maid services. A lot of hotels are dipleased with shooing in their rooms. Make sure the blinds OVERLAP in the windows. Make sure there are no opening under the door. Put down a towel if there is. The thing is, if they see flashes for like a couple of hours you will get busted. Some hotels will even throw you out.

Be discreet and have the model arrive discreetly too and you will most probably be fine. I just had 5 shoots in hotels during my summer trip.


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