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Ref: "I'd like to be credited in my photos on this site."

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18 May 2014 02:28

United Kingdom
East Sussex

Overnight Purestorm received a message from an ex-member photographer, whose portfolio was closed by Management some time ago as they no longer wished to offer him Photographer Portfolio Hosting, in which he asked the following questions:-
"I'd like to be credited in my photos on this site. How can I make sure this happens?
Failing that how can I ensure uncredited photos are removed?"
Beneath every photograph on a member's profile page there is a field where the copyright holder's name (almost always the photographer under UK law) can be added to ensure they are properly credited. (On the Main Image there is a pop-up box where the details are displayed.)

Some photographers insist on being credited and some do not, but to be on the safe side we recommend that model members always fill in this field when uploading the image; or if the image was uploaded in the past the Edit function on the [Your Images] page can be used to add/remove details.

If a copyright owner takes offence to their images being displayed without due credit and lodges a complaint, in the first instance we will ask the model to either credit the image or delete it, but if the model does not respond speedily an Administrator may be forced to remove the image from the model's profile once the copyright owner has established that the image belongs to them and has confirmed the model no longer has their permission to display it.

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