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Genuine Epson Cartriges.

David Barns is off-line
11 May 2014 17:39

United Kingdom
Greater Manchester
East Manhester

Having dispensed with my ageing Epson 1800 and replaced it with a new one I have three ink cartridges surplus to requirement, these are genuine Epson cartridges in original packing purchased recently.
TO544 Yellow TO541 Photo Black. TO453 Magenta.

£10 each + Postage.

East Manchester. Ashton-u-Lyne.

Anthonygh is off-line
11 May 2014 22:10

United Kingdom

Do people still use this machine?..I put mine in the recycle bin a couple of years back...literally.

The reason I did this was that the printer head needed replacing and Epson wanted silly money....but before that I had used it as intended...Epson pigment inks..and despite the odd but regular clogging it worked well.

I later used dye inks in it..and in my opinion it was an outstanding dye ink printer....I replaced it with the Canon Pro9000mk2 but the R1800 matched the Canon in my opinion in print quality if not reliability. The Canon never clogs.

However...I still have my R800 (same carts) and the cost of them for this printer has rocketed for some reason..the carts offered by the OP are probably a bargain....j


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