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email in my profile set up (i.e. Manage Profile page)

17 April 2014 01:11

I see my email is only visible by me - a new free member. What is that all about? It woud seem to serve little purpose trying to connect if my email is not visable by those who may want to contact me. Is the reason it is only visible to me because I am a free member. I do not see anything to click on to make my email visible to models who may want to contact me. If it is because (theoretically) you have to be a paying member. This kind of reminds me of something silly about facebook. It ask if you want your images visibil. Well of course ! If they are not visible except by me then why in the world am I putting them on the site to begin with?

also yes I apologize for a big blopper of an answer to a model last night. I said something about copyrighting images. My response was inaccurate as I was assuming (in the wee long hours of the morning -- when I was tired) she was using her own camera to take images of herself or of a scenario in which she could have a friend use her (the models camera) to take images of her (the model). Why bring this up-- because it was a stupid oversight on my part and I know better -- it is always a very safe assumption that zillions of viewers and modertors will read anything on the internet.

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Rich H is off-lineGold Member
17 April 2014 02:14
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the idea is that you contact each other though the purestorm internal mail system - much safer for all concerned and trackable incase theres a 'bad feedback' issue

Steven Jardine is off-linePlatinum Member
17 April 2014 02:48
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How else do you expect the site to pay for itself?

Server space and development time/costs are never cheap so have to be paid for somehow, and the increased messages per subscription level is the easiest and simplest to understand for all members. If you use it, pay for it, simple.
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17 April 2014 05:17

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Quote from pearhere
I see my email is only visible by me - a new free member. What is that all about?

The following comment on your Profile Information page is there to assure members that privacy is respected:-

PLEASE NOTE: We will not show your e-mail address anywhere on the site


David Hunt is off-line
20 April 2014 06:04

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I am sort of with Redchecker on this.

This site, and many others, do not want you to circumvent the paid membership schemes that they offer. You, me and everyone else who has a free membership are not directly contributing to the commerce of this site by having a free membership.

However, indirectly we do. Simply by perusing the castings and booking models who have taken out a paid membership which, of course, allows them to place a casting for paid work.

Another photographer I know, has successfully booked two models (One full-time and one part-time) via Facebook this year and I know he has booked a few more, too.

It just does not help this site financially if they allow links to social sites that offer free messaging systems or to allow email addys to be published on profiles. I am with the site admin on this.

One thing I have noticed, however, is that the lack of a personal website for you on your profile. Surely, if you published the link to one on your profile, they could also contact you via your 'Contact' page?

Anyway, I hope what I have posted here is 'balanced' and unbiased.

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