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BT sport

Kevin Juden is off-lineSilver Member
06 April 2014 13:11

United Kingdom
East Sussex

Got BT Sport now.
Had a look , what did I find?????
American football,baseball,netball!!sorry basketball,aussie rules football.
What a load of rubbish.
Nearly as bad as our own football.
Only thing I found that was worth watching was Moto GP.

07 April 2014 06:10

I signed up for their broadband... which included BT Sport & ESPN...

I wanted the sport for the Bundesliga which is excellent... also the odd PL game, noon kick-off times are a pain and I hope they get Monday night games in the future.. They also have Italian & French footy.. much less interested in that, esp the Italian games which are monotonous.. also Aussie Footy on a Sat morning is ok..

Rugby if you like that kinda thing.. Union variety..

Baseball... I like though it's not as good as watching it live because of the incessant add breaks..
American footy is college level.. no interest for me..
Basketball.. I enjoyed playing but watching is a pain.. fast..

Moto GP.. not my thing..

I like BT Sport and as it's 'free' with your broadband.. think it is by far the best way to subscribe to a sports channel..

Paul is off-lineSilver Member
08 April 2014 08:37
United Kingdom

I was relieved when BT took over the ESPN european coverage as James Richardson is one of the best presenters on TV, pity the Dutch league seems to have vanished though. The Sunday night European Football show is one of the best football shows on British TV, interesting to see SKY try and counter it with their own version of Germany's Saturday night show.

Acquiring the exclusive rights to both the Champions League and Europa League is a bit of a gamble going forward. Be interesting to see whether the Russian and Brazilian leagues come back as well.

World Rally Championships are now exclusive to BT, good if miserable Scandinavians driving though mile after mile of pine forests is your thing.

And of course there are the two Danny's - what's not to like?
It was broken when I got here

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