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02 April 2014 12:04

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For Ebay search for Ricoh GX200

Ive now got a Canon G15 so my Ricoh isn't getting any use anymore - which is a shame as the GX200 is a superb carry round camera.


The camera comes with the electronic viewfinder, oem charger, auto lens protector and has an awesome party piece - the native ability to use AAA batteries if you are far from home and the excellent rechargeable battery runs out of juice.

I replaced the LCD screen a couple of months ago with a new screen.

It is missing one small body screw and a few black pixels bottom left of the screen - this makes no difference to the function or operation of the camera.

A super wide-angle high performance 24-72 mm/f2.5 (wide) - f4.4(telephoto) zoom lens with superb optical performance comparing favourably to SLR interchangeable lenses. Attach the unique tilting electronic viewfinder, linked to the focal distance to zoom and frame your subject with the feel of an SLR or medium format camera and add GX200 host of versatile accessories to enter a wider realm of creative photography. For the photographer who knows the depth and joy of photographic expression, the GX200 transcends the limitations of a compact camera.

This is on Ebay - there are only a couple on there - one from Japan is £179 + a crap load of p&p!

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