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Where next for lads mags?

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29 April 2014 15:01

Quote from RedChecker
There's often a big difference between painted art and a photograph. Photography being constrained by limitations of yesteryear's technology being often misunderstood by those with modern ideas of photographic perfection.

I own many (expensive) photographic art books and have been to a few galleries and find myself increasingly unimpressed by what the masters of yesteryear have produced as I find the quality of my own (and peers) work superceding it in terms of consistency & clarity due to the incresed benefits of modern technology (I make no boasts about my artistic eye though).

That said, if you have an idea as to the processes & limitations of old technology then you can indeed be amazed by what people were capable of, but simply looking at the images with modern eyes without the background knowledge of how tough photography once was will, I fear, miss the point of seeing great works in the flesh.

Very good point. The average Jo looking at most images will fail to appreciate the context in terms of image production. 

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29 April 2014 16:16
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Quote from stolenfaces
Will anyone miss them? Surely they are just imitation porn. With real porn readily available why would anyone spend money on such cheap imitations.

Because they can't reach the top shelf!
Just because you have a library card, it doesn't make you Yoda

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