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New images , let me no what you think

Natz1987 is off-line
29 March 2014 07:19

United Kingdom

Come over and let me no what you think of my port

29 March 2014 07:59

Your main image does you no justice as it doesn't show what you look like at all.
If you MUST keep it don't have it as your main image.
This image again does you no justice (I don't even recommend using it)

Get working with a really good photographer who will get you those really striking images for your portfolio.
At the moment due to no fault of your own really the images aren't the best x

Profile Pictures is off-line
29 March 2014 08:21
United Kingdom
Bury St Edmunds

I really dislike the portraits, they're clumsy and false looking and the only real detail remaining and in sharp focus is your nasal hair.

I really think you could do lots lot's better with a decent photographer, but haven't worked with one yet. if you did, then perhaps we'd be able to say whether you're any good as a model. Chin up, find someone really great, and ask them nicely if they're up for TF.

29 March 2014 10:05

I don't think any of your images sell you, at all.
Modesty is just arrogance in stealth mode

King13 is off-lineSilver Member
31 March 2014 08:38

United Kingdom

From a couple of images I think I can see that you have the right 'equipment', but I have to agree with others - your image selection is not good, and may have the opposite effect to that which you are hoping for. You say you have experience - so I would hope to see better evidence. I suggest you remove most of the photos except those that clearly flatter and show potential. Less will definitely be better until you will find the right photographers to get the best out of you.

Good luck.


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