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Blackpool Workshop with Sara Scarlet

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27 March 2014 02:21

Sara popped up on my radar about three months ago when I noticed some new images uploaded to her port. After the original model booked for this event randomly decided to quit modelling and simply not tell anyone, I was forced to scramble around at the last minute for a replacement and happily, Sara stepped up, despite the paltry fee and long working hours. This was to be a three day workshop covering all levels from portrait to conservative art-nude.
First hurdle was the pickup: 03.00 in Gent, Belgium. I've driven past Gent dozens of times and even spent a day there after crashing my car on the motorway last year, but I'm not familiar with the roads in the town itself. In hindsight, 03.00 is a perfect time to be navigating around a strange town with a comedy Euro road layout criss-crossed by cycle lanes and tram lines. After avoiding all the drunken students wobbling down the middle of the road, the pickup was accomplished with no problems.
Consider this: model getting into stranger's car at 03.00 for the purposes of driving to another country. Compared to that, a studio shoot in your own country is nothing to be concerned about.
The workshop itself went off without any major dramas... we were using Flash Bang Wallop's studio which is compact and bijou, but well-appointed.
Sara worked really well, her range of poses, enthusiasm and professional attitude ensured the students got some great images.

This is one of my set-up shots... obviously since I was there to instruct, my own take was minimal compared to the students...

"When I hold a camera, I know no fear..." - Alfred Eisenstadt

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