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Studio lease in Potters Bar up for grabs ...

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24 March 2014 04:56

United Kingdom
Potters Bar

Studio lease in Potters Bar up for grabs and huge prop/equipment sale...

Due to family commitments, I am looking to close Studio 3 here in Potters Bar shortly. If anyone is interested in taking on the lease, do feel free to get in touch, as I will otherwise be clearing the place out back to a general industrial unit (room set, stone walled dungeon set, 16' infinity curve etc will all be torn down and skipped). The lease has about 4 and a half years left to run, the rent is £2,650 per quarter and the business rates are about £5,000 pa. There is also a large inventory of props (incl dungeon furniture, Panton bubble wall, piano, iron bed, roll top bath etc...) and some lighting equipment that will be up for grabs shortly.
I am open to offers and happy to answer any questions.

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