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Lastolite easybox 2 Octa

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12 April 2014 06:14
United Kingdom

Just an update having used it now for a while, in case anyone else is considering buying one. The build quality is very good as I first thought. The speed ring seems quite large but does it's job perfectly although it does mean that the assembled box is a fair bit heavier than many other softboxes when attached to the light.
On the plus side the box is very safe in operation with no metal points to impale anyone and very easy to rotate (usefull if you have the rectangular version). The most important point to me was the quality of the light produced and this is great with no discernible hotspots.
I have found that although it will return to the small blue bag provided if completely disassembled, because I use it daily on location it's too much hassle to remove the baffle and front cover everytime and as such it gets stored out of the bag folded into a quarter but not "twisted" away. I called lastolite to ask if it would store away with the baffle attached before I bought it and was told it would. They were wrong!
Anyway very happy with it.

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