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Perfect or not?

Gerry is off-line
20 February 2014 05:54
United Kingdom

What you are describing is rapport and the ability to put emotion and felling into poses. Something that is again modelled.

Personality for me is how the person behaves in between shots, ie are they happy and chatty, are they extrovert and can they generate their own conversation.

When you are shooting, some of the best models I have worked with become completely different people and put themselves in the role / mood they are trying to portray.

I am sure someone who is naturally bubbly and extrovert will have less inhibitions and possibly have some of the ingredients necessary to make them a better model, but that doesn't mean they will be.

A major part of the photographers job is to build rapport with the model to get the necessary interaction and feeling into the shot.

The trouble is when I hear the words personality, then look at the port of the person saying it, I tend to see pictures that look like the person just likes being in the company of young naked ladies rather than trying to create pictures with real emotion which has to be modelled.

I am sure if the word the question appropriately, Bailey will give you an answer you want to hear because you can obviously achieve alot with someone who is naturally extrovert and that is a key ingedient of personality, but in the context often used in internet modelling, I think personality means a completely different thing.
If you have to ask why I do it, you will never understand the reason why

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