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Awesome youtube vid

12 February 2014 12:44

Anyone took the plunge on one of these bad boys yet. Cant believe he flew to the top of the tower, there have been some accidents however like this one

Looking at the comments I guess this guy got in some bother for this.

Steven Jardine is off-linePlatinum Member
12 February 2014 12:48
United Kingdom
Stoke Mandeville

Here's my favourite drone vid:

I'd suspect these ones that can go above towers/skyscrapers are the ones costing damn-near the price of a small car.  They're also illegal to use in many areas, especially over land owned by others (the company I work for inquired about one for reconnaisance footage over city areas for planning purposes)
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12 February 2014 13:25

I think probably around 1.5k for the one he has at a guess, although it's probably fine tuned, if you got into trouble at that height I think there is a function to bring the thing back to you via gps. Quite advanced, I think there is an agency that you need to inform or even pay if your doing it commercially or going to those heights! His other vids show flying over alton towers and stuff. Awesome. Quadcopters near me sell them you can get a cheap one like £200+ I think.

12 February 2014 13:32

Presume they all have go pros on them, I researched the action cams a while back and thought the sony one came out best, the go pro is just commercially everywhere, saying that footage looks pretty sweet. Sat in your car flying that up the tower! Must have been awesome.

I think the CAA are the people you'd need permission from.

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