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Boob sizes to be a glamour models

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07 February 2014 13:23

United Kingdom

boob size actually changes as you get older, especially before/after having children. As you are so young, also you could look very different from the way you do now, say, in 10 years time. Your body could naturally change to be the size that you wish to be. I used to be AA but im not now! As people say, no point just doing it for work related doubts because trends in what the "market" wants can change at any time. Different employers want different looks, and often a different model for every new job. I think its more of an advantage to be a "new face" than have this or that size boobs and to be positive, polite, hard working, punctual and reliable. If i had a penny for every employer that said that to me i'd be a millionaire (cant think why i'm not l.o.l.)

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