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My portfolio is still a working progress, what do you think I could add to it?

Veronica Thorogood is off-line
27 January 2014 06:43

United Kingdom

I need some feedback on my port, I like to know what people think!
What do I need to add to it?
Who you shoot with me?
Thank you
Ronnie x

Keith Wells is off-lineSilver Member
27 January 2014 10:37

United Kingdom
East Sussex

Two good but fairly simple head and shoulders portraits plus several equally good full figure images. These need to show the real 'you' so photographers know what their basic material is when they hire you. A few images that then show a few examples of the sort of thing you can do are then the icing on the cake.

Photographers will have their own ideas about what they want to achieve if they work with you.

It's the main image though that needs to catch people's attention. If potential clients don't find that appeals, they aren't going to bother looking further.

Zanussi is off-line
29 January 2014 19:41
United Kingdom
South Yorkshire

I loved the pose on the chair, the sulky look, the coy pull down on the dress and the natural background.

The shot on the bench table could have worked but perspective has put an unflattering thickness to the legs, a pity, the grain and the general lines of the room direct the eye to you and yet the facial expression is indifferent and almost scorning. Lovely bit of contradiction. Wonder what else came from that set?

Sorry but do not like the rest, too stock, too predictable, too cluttered. Nothing that hints of your character, you are showing me the finished model, not the clay I would have to work with.

I would suggest trying to get some fresh and less posed images to show us the real you.

Laurence Power is off-line
30 January 2014 19:01
United Kingdom

I may be changing the subject somewhat, but how is a portfolio ever not "work in progress"? One's portfolio is a set of recent images, every time that more shots are taken, they should be compared with what is currently used and if better, used, with old images removed, a portfolio does not need loads of images, a dozen good images is much better than 12 good ones, mixed in with 20 rubbish.

As for getting shots from photographers, this is a matter of negotiation. A model sets his/her rate and states that this rate includes say 3 images retouched as required, with credit being given to the photographer concerned. I am aware that some photographers object to giving shots away, but if the requirement is made up front they have a choice whether to book the model. Likewise if they refuse, the model is able to increase the rate to compensate for the loss (and pay another photographer to take shots).
Laurence J. Power

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