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Inkflow systems.

Paul Riddell is off-line
20 January 2014 06:29
United Kingdom

I used one and when it worked it was excellent, but it was very problematic. Lots of time consuming babysitting the printer when I was doing huge runs.

Then when I started getting complaints from customers as to the quality I switched to using a pro lab.

Cost is only marginally higher, but no complaints and much less time consuming. Plus the pro lab prints look better anyway.

Based on my experience it probably still worth it for large runs of draft and stationary, but then its debatable because you can buy cartridges super cheap of the internet and for that sort of work colours and longetivity don't matter anyway.


Mamamiya is online
10 February 2014 19:04

United Kingdom
East Sussex

Many thanks to all for the feedback and advice, very helpful. JP

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