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Paul Thompson is off-linePlatinum Member
12 January 2014 08:22
United Kingdom

As we exit the second week of 2014 I think it is a good time for me to reflect on 2013. It was a very good year for my daughters, my youngest, an Aircraft Technician in the Royal Navy by trade had previously changed roles due to the cut backs in aircraft and completed her degree in Nursing whilst remaining in the Navy.

My eldest daughter's band went from strength to strength, as well as a "Mercury Prize" nomination, "Savages" spent most of last year touring; Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Iceland, Japan and three trips to the USA, one of those was Eight weeks coast to coast included Mexico and Canada, they even got a write up in the Mexican "Rolling Stones" magazine:

Now they are about to start their Pacific tour; Japan, Australia, New Zealand and others back to Europe and then on to South America, all before April

As to Gemma individually she was rated on the "MusicRadar" website; at number 11 of the 30 must see guitarists at Glastonbury 2013, she is in some good company there. I'm still to hear her play live, having seen her on TV and the PC, Gemma self taught whilst at University studying Fine Art!

Well done girls, Proud of you both!
When going through Hell don't stop!

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