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How do I stop people asking me for adult!?

01 January 2014 16:30

"How do I stop people asking me for adult!?"............Sadly, I don't think you can.

Next Model Day...23rd March 2014... me for details.

Iain Thomson is off-linePlatinum Member
01 January 2014 18:41
United Kingdom

Quote from bacardi
100% hardcore flyer was for a hardcore 'music' event at nightclub. I don't understand, lots of adult publications? I now know that the general thought is full frontal nudity/open leg is classed as adult but as far as I can see its only Met Art that some people would class as adult publication, I don't know what you mean by I have lots of adult publications?

If people ask you to do adult if its adult within the rules of the takes a second to ignore them, if its adult outwith the rules of the site then report them to the moderators.

You may be sensding mixed messages by listing a well known soft porn site as a credit, although I'm intrigued as to how you can list front cover when its a website with no magazine derivative and even more intrigued how you slipped past the picture editor with enhanced ..? breasts
I tend to be a modest man, but then I do have a lot to be modest about.

02 January 2014 03:41

It is fairly inevitable that you will get requests for work at or slightly above the level at which you work.
If they are polite and reasonable I personally like to send an equally polite reply, although you could justifiably choose to ignore them. But anything aggressive about the request, either in the original message or in not taking no for an answer, really ought to be reported.

Mao Zhu Photography is off-line
02 January 2014 07:34

United Kingdom

I have a feeling that it is you that are not understanding Adult Publications. Any publication that is in a outer cover and is placed on the top shelf of a well known newsagents is Adult, the photographs therein are classed as adult.

I have myself faced the problem of having asked the model three or four times in pre shoot emails that they are sure what adult is and getting positive replies, that when it comes to the shoot, they then tell me that do not do full frontal or open leg.

I believe there is a substantial problem of models not understanding what is adult and what is not. I when I want full frontal nude always state that I want adult as I dislike being told in a shoot that the model will not do it. But as I have said above it still happens.

Anyone that has photographs in METART is shooting adult, anyone that has photographs in the likes of Mayfair or suchlike is shooting Adult.

As I said in my first posting if you want to pull away from doing adult work and don't want to be asked to such you need to rewrite your profile and get rid of all references to adult publications, that is top shelf publications.

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