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21 January 2014 12:49

United Kingdom

Quote from theperfectgentleman
Try going to yorkshire dales and moors, zilch for miles and miles, I was staying at Malham and had to drive 30 miles in a storm to get a signal for an important call.

You might be right...but it would have taken a lot longer to get BT to run a cable to where you were!!surprise

I have not had a problem with 3mobile.....but in anycase I also have a cheap 'backup' phone with a PAYG card from Vodaphone that has no expiry date...just need to ensure I have credit. I am surprised everyone doesn't have something a pinch a PAYG simcard from another network will do providing one is using an unlocked phone.

Back at base, here in Chelmsford, I have just bought an Apple TV to stream content from my iPad to my TV and the 3 BB (tethered phone on 3) seems to be working faultlessly at the moment although my phone shows the 3 signal to be on the low side today.

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