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MUA Help please

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10 November 2013 08:20

United Kingdom

Help me someone please?

How do I go about selecting a make up artist. I have never used one before and have always relied on my models to do their own make up for hygiene reasons.

I am keen on my next shoot to have my willing model body painted in the form of a snake (head, torso and legs). So how do I select a MUA to do that and what are the normal fee expectations – do I pay by the hour, paint used or what ?

Any help, advice or personal references to a MUA that could deliver would be gratefully received.

Denis Gray (dby47)

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10 November 2013 08:39

United Kingdom
Tyne and Wear

You could search MUA's in your region on here first.

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10 November 2013 12:28
Make-up Artist
United Kingdom


Firstly not all make up artists do body painting so you may want to look for someone who specializes in this. 

Look at their work and see if it's the type of thing you're after and that the quality of their work is suitable.  Also check references as make up artists can be flakey aswell!

Make sure you are clear on whether the price you negotiate includes the cost of make up and materials as this can make a big difference....also of course travel costs.

Take into account the time spent on applying the make up/body paint as if you're booking a studio you will need extra time which will be reflected in the studio and model's rate.

If you want the model's face made up then make sure if you hire a body painter they are competent at general make up too, if this is what you want.

I'm afraid I don't know the rate for body painters.  I'm a MUA and charge £25 per hour but everyone has a different rate and I guess it will depend on the complexity and useage of materials.

You could do a search in your area but also place a casting call as many MUA's are happy to travel or might be working in your area, so looking only in your region will limit you.

Hope this helps and that none of it sounds patronising!

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11 November 2013 07:46
Make-up Artist

It really depends on the artist - Body painters fees vary widely from anything from 100 to 10000 per project, depending on who the artist is, the commerical vaule where they are traveling from and the complexity of the design, if pre shoot work is required and if a an assistant artist is also required - At the world body painting competition the designs usually take a artist and their assistant around 6 hours. Whilst some of Craig Tracys pieces have involved an entire team and days of pre planning.

Consider the strength of the artists portfolio, years of experience and references. Each artist will have their own hygiene practices (or lack of them) so ask this too. Good body painters will also have insurance and will be able to show you a copy, they may also be members of professional bodies and trade associations. Not all body painters are MUAs and not all MUAS are great body painters.  Some will work with prosthetics also which could possibly enchance the design. You will see that every artist has something they are really good at, such as painting flowers, 3d illsiuons, logos ect.

My favorite artists are these two...

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