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Devil Costume for Halloween - Red PVC Corset set

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27 October 2013 13:22
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Devil Costume for Halloween (Red PVC Corset, Fishnet Stockings, Devil Horns and Tail, Fingerless Gloves)

Hi, I'm selling a Halloween costume that would look great at a Halloween party or photo-shoot. I bought it from a fancy dress shop for £34.99 and it's now sold out even online! You will get: red PVC strapless corset that laces up the back, red devil horns that tie around your head, a belt, a devil tail that attaches on to the belt with Velcro, red fingerless gloves, red fishnet stockings with a PVC upper part that matches the corset... basically everything apart from the wings and heels! I can send first class to make sure you get in time for Halloween and would charge £20 plus £2 for postage. Picture below or contact me for further details.

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