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Come at me Purestorm!.. Critique and opinions please!? .. Like or dislike?!

18 October 2013 16:15

I seem to have reached a stale mate at the moment..

Any advice or guidance from anyone would be great?

What I can improve on, what needs to change?

What genre of modelling do you think I would be more suited too?

Just general opinions on my current portfolio, what you like dislike?

Just want a general overview from some lovely people on Purestorm!

TarMoo is off-line
18 October 2013 16:36
United Kingdom

Looks nice. Glamour suits you.
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Profile Pictures is off-line
19 October 2013 05:15
United Kingdom
Bury St Edmunds

You've a good look, but perhaps aiming a little narrow right now with just glamour looking pictures. It'd be nice to see you on location, something with a little more narrative. I'm certain you're more than capable too.

Kev Hurdle is off-line
19 October 2013 05:29

United Kingdom

Hi Josie, such a polite and well thought out request so I thought I should comment. We have not met so to answer part of your question would be wrong for me. We have not worked together so I am in no position to suggest what you could do to get past your stalemate.

But...from the portfolio you show here I agree with the other chaps, it is aimed towards glamour. Not a bad thing but maybe that this what you want to change maybe?

I like to mix fashion with nude or fashion with glamour and sometimes in strange ways and locations...Models who are glamour orientated sometimes benefit from taking a pure fashion led approach to a shoot. Not suggesting that you should do any of these things but simply saying how you could do something alternative.

The other observation of your portfolio is that the images are all about you (lovely as you are) they do not show that you can enhance a location, advertise a product or piece of clothing or offer the viewer a preferred I guess that leads back to my fashion led approach to a shoot.

As i say, take my comments with a lot of salt :-)


Durham Photographics is off-lineSilver Member
19 October 2013 05:33
United Kingdom
County Durham

I like them, but only 2 shots from this year when its almost the end of 2013.
I would like some more up to date ones.
You could even display a lot more too.

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