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Lord Strong is off-line
17 October 2013 13:14
United Kingdom

Hi everyone A question about Time For Photos as I did a small shoot with a new model who told me she have lost her main profile* cos the photographer who she did a lot of time for photos for her profile and mean 10 to twenty TF shoots now saying she could not use any of the photos cos his copy right (main rezone will not do nude with him ) is this right ? To me TF means model gets and keeps photos to use or photographer has to pay for her time  

*Moderator Input
It is extremely unlikely indeed that a model would lose her original Purestorm profile for this reason.
If Moderators had been aware that a model member had needed to clear out her profile due to copyright
issues they would advised her how to keep it until she could add new images from other photographers.

redbaron is off-lineSilver Member
17 October 2013 14:41
United Kingdom
Stoke Mandeville

It is generally better to keep clear of these debates as you never quite know what was actually agreed by both parties. I do know a model who had this tried on her by a photographer. Unfortunately for him she was no dappy blond and when the dust cleared the images were still on her portfolio and the photographer ended up off the site.

If the photographer has agreed to give those images for portfolio use in exchange for the models time however then as you say they are her payment as part of the contract and she has every right to use them. Unfortunately too often people do not take care to get this in writing on emails when organising the session. I know that as I have done similar shoots in the past where all the model really had was my word. Thankfully for the models concerned my word means something. To me if no one else.

I'm guessing that she probably did not have emails confirming this. The slimeballs who do this on a regular basis are quite slick at not putting anything critical in writing. That makes it very hard for the moderators on a website to do much. Technically the photographer does have copyright, which means what it says on the can. Unless he has put something in writing confirming to the model she may use the images for specific purposes then it is likely a hard lesson learned.

It is the same tired advice that has been put up time innumerable on sites like this. Get it in writing and make sure it is all clear.

How many images?
When will you get them?
What form and resolution will they be in?
Where can you use the images and what restriction are placed on them by both parties?
Will they be watermarked?
Will they be fully finished?
Can you alter them in any way?
Who/how will the selection be made?
What happens if the model/photographer is crap and the images not considered usable by one side!

There are no right or wrong answers to any of these questions. I generally give just 10 fully finished images of my choice for example while another photographer will give a CD full of every shot and expect the model to work on them herself. As long as both sides feel they have an acceptable deal then really what others think is irrelevant.

Perhaps that is something this site could work on. A proforma shoot confirmation message where all the photographer had to do was fill in the blanks for the above and things like time location travel expenses etc. It may not be legally watertight but there is no need for it to be. Just close enough that the site could act upon it confident that it would not be worth the legal costs trying to challenge it

Photography and Studio hire

jagster is off-lineSilver Member
25 January 2014 22:01

United Kingdom

I like to keep it simple....I am shooting for free the model is posing for free so I get all the pics and the model also gets all the pics.....simples

OldMaster is off-line
27 January 2014 15:46
United Kingdom

"I like to keep it simple....I am shooting for free the model is posing for free so I get all the pics and the model also gets all the pics.....simples"


If a model is doing TF/CD it is probably to boost their port. It seems churlish not to let them have a choice from all the images shot?

Can only understand restricting them to a few images if the shoot was a commercial venture but as Jagster says, the model has posed (given their time) for nothing/and the tog has shot (given their experience)for nothing. Mutual benefit I would suggest and much more likely to promote goodwill and develop a longer lasting working relationship with the model which I usually find benefits the quality and outcomes as the shoots develop?

Much nicer!!!

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