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Beautiful image, does anybody know anything more about it ?

Don is off-line
17 October 2013 15:23
United Kingdom
West Yorkshire

Forgive me if you already know how to do this but, you can search by image on Google:

1. Open Google and click on Images
2. Click on the Camera icon in the Search box
3. You now have two choices available on two tabs;
a. Paste Image URL - Right-click on the image in the webpage where you found it, select Copy Image URL, switch
back to Google and paste this URL into the Search box
b. Upload an Image - Select this tab, click on the Upload an Image button, locate and select your image, click
on the Open button
4. Whichever option you choose, you will then be presented with an array of images which are the one you want or
similar to it

This is also a good way of finding out if anyone is infringing your copyright!

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