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Pocket wizards affected in Hotels/Wedding reception venues?

Simon Young is off-lineSilver Member
15 October 2013 03:25
United Kingdom

Quote from RedChecker
Another thing worth trying... get the flash triggers as far from the flash units as possible as the flashes themselves can be creating RF noise. I have found this can sometimes cause issues and have even had to put triggers on their own stands (and moving them higher than the flash can help). I've actually bought some ferrite cores to wrap around my trigger cables but haven't yet tried them out - another thing worth considering.

My office has RF chokes on nearly everything so as not to interfere with the music.. It can help with retries on some external HDs (allegedly).

I think this has been discussed to death now. It's likely to be local RF that comes into play during the more complex TTL discussion between the units. It's a known problem.

In the "Information Age", continued ignorance must be a choice motivated initially through inherited beliefs.

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