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Portfolio Review: what to add, what to delete?

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20 October 2013 02:56
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Quote from IfaBrand
Thank you for the replies!
Will keep them in mind.

I understand it might be contradictory so let me explain:

Girl-on-Girl: the only shoot I have done in that genre was my shoot for Playboy. Considering they asked me to pose for them it would have been mighty stupid to decline. After all it was a shoot for the main series of that issue and cover. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I took it with both hands, feet and everything else.

Bondage: the images I have in my portfolio are not what I would call 'bondage'. Bondage for me is more extreme with ropes, full body bondage, think Shibari and that stuff but I will rewrite the info on my profile.

Well that makes sense! I wouldn't have turned down such an opportunity either.
As for the bondage, that makes sense as well.
Either way those were just slight critiques anyway. Good luck

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20 October 2013 05:48
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Bury St Edmunds

No negatives here, it's a great portfolio.

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