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Rudest reply

15 September 2013 06:31

Nope. I've never received a rude response or sent one. I've had the usual replies to my castings where a model has disregarded my rates and styles and either quoting her own or giving me a link to her profile where I might find them!

15 September 2013 08:27

Maybe he was offering TFCA? Time for careers advice!! Loon!

15 September 2013 20:11

I've been on the giving, rather than the receiving end of the rudest replies. I would never be rude to somebody politely enquiring about rates/levels, or just networking.

However, some of the messages models recieve are just disgusting. These are the ones that get an extremely rude reply. And I can't say it's not cathartic.

Steven Jardine is off-linePlatinum Member
16 September 2013 02:41
United Kingdom
Stoke Mandeville

The response in the OP's message is blunt, but not intentionally rude IMO.
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Jenny Wren is off-line
16 September 2013 07:30
United Kingdom

Best one I've had was from me declining a TF bondage shoot.

"Yeah well you're pig ugly and will never be a model"

So why the flipping Jeff approach me in the first place then!
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16 September 2013 17:29

Quote from OldMaster
A reply that indicates she has no other interest in the shoot except "how much" probably means you might have done worse and actually booked her! She did you a favour revealing her complete lack of interest in any other aspect of the shoot except what she could make out of it...

That's not necessarily true, depends what was in the email she was replying to, It's not unheard of for photographers to go in to great detail about the shoot, giving all the needed information to make a decision. Except of course the compensation which is skirted around. And by 'not unheard of' I mean, it happens all the time.

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