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Ab exercises/Yoga?

10 September 2013 14:24

Just wondering what you ladies (and men) do for toning up abs?
I am aware that cardio work outs results in fat loss, but am wondering what the most efficient ways of toning are (particularly abs but also bum/thighs).
I am thinking of starting Yoga at university, does anyone here do it? What have you gained/what have been the results of attending yoga classes?

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Kevin W is off-lineSilver Member
10 September 2013 20:12
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Despite being in terrible shape, I used to do a yoga class weekly. Because I am overweight, some of the positions were very challenging and the teacher pushed us very hard. The word "torture" springs to mind.

There are many (claimed?) health benefits of yoga (just Google "health benefits of yoga") however it is no use whatsoever for toning your stomach abs. In fact, I believe a soft stomach is the aim.

I felt a lot better for doing it and I miss it, but I am too bone idle to drag myself to a class.

Of course, much depends on the yoga teacher, but I would certainly recommend giving it a try (and sticking to it for a few classes), especially if you want to still be able to do cartwheels when you are in your 80s! I cannot say it got my body into great shape!

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Kaylie Mansfield is off-line
09 May 2014 18:46

United Kingdom

hi I do yoga and some of the core exercises are very good for your abs. I can feel my tummy ache the next day. So it does depend on what type of yoga. I do hatha yoga. There are a lot of videos on youtube from yoga teachers type in core work and you might find some good exercises to try

12 May 2014 08:02
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One word...squats

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