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07 September 2013 05:36

United Kingdom
West Sussex

A couple of years ago Purestorm Management turfed off a hardcore pornographer and pseudo-agent
who seemingly promotes 'gangbang parties' after he created an Adult casting call which was in breach of
Clause 5.2 of the Terms of Use - it was subsequently discovered that models responding were told that
they would need to "be very open minded and work to high adult levels with both sexes".

In response to Suspension this guy threatened Purestorm with legal action as he believed he had:-
"done nothing illegal, immoral or otherwise taht warrents me being subjected to such vindictive action."

Moderators and Management unanimously agreed that they did not want him on this site.

On Thursday he tried to join with what would have been at least his fourth profile and was Suspended.
Seemingly the message is not getting through that this type of thing is unacceptable on Purestorm.

Contrary to what some would have members believe, the Purestorm Team regularly remove undesirables like this.

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