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Fredau Hoekstra studio day Saturday 28th September near Bridgend

David Radford is off-line
03 September 2013 14:25
United Kingdom

Fredau is very experienced model working to art nude. She will be flying down from Edinburgh for a weekend at Manse Studio. As she is moving to Canada later this year this may be the only chance in South Wales to work with her.

Priced at £64 for an hour or £126 for two.

Sessions available (updated 13th Oct)

Session 6 .......... 16.30
Session 7 .......... 17.40
Session 8 .......... 18.50 Studio for hire near Bridgend. Future studio days. Angela Hudson, Sam Louise, Joceline, Kayleigh Lush. Zara Watson, Fredau H.

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