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What is going on PS?

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16 October 2013 08:23

United Kingdom

Quote from Chrissie_Red
You maybe scared them all away!

Seriously though I have a photographer portfolio (elsewhere) and my inbox is full with models casting about coming to this area or available to work in Scotland. Would be willing to take a bet there are at least 5 English models touring up here at any given time. On the opposite side of the scale I rarely see any castings from photographers looking for models in Scotland. The large majority of my work is booked via people just messaging me so it might seem like things are "quiet" but I've been busier this year than the past 2 years working with new people who are based in Scotland.

Thats kinda different. You are known all over the place. And the professionals have all the time someone looking for money (income). But that confirms actually the emptiness everywhere else. Not much happening anymore, as if the "new to be models" lost the fun (or have heard that its NOT easy money)

I have just reduced my mailbox from 10 pages to only one, only by deleting the ones they have given up.

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