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How do I post when wanting to shoot to benefit for charity?

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19 August 2013 11:00
United Kingdom
Isle of Wight

I don't want anything for myself or the photog as I am looking for volunteers and maybe someone who has a way to say auction these prints off for that designated charity.... Is there an option not even trade for prints but for free I don't want prints I just want to volunteer to have some organs painted on and maybe have them auction or sell the prints to donate to the charity for pancreatic cancer as well as organ/tissue donor awareness and cystic fibrosis? any suggestions or tips would be great by me.... I just want to help out as these are things I have been personally affected by myself being a tissue recipient, my dad having passed from pancan and best friend passing from CF..... I got the idea frm a famous young lady (in Canada famous) named eva markvoort (you can wiki her to see her body painting of the heart/lung system to bring awareness

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