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Billing Models for No Shows

21 August 2013 16:36

It's disappointing & sometimes expensive when people don't turn up. But on balance, you're paying less for a model than you would through an agency. Paying less & getting a sense of the model before the shoot through communication is the up-side of this. People not turning up is the down side.

If somebody is unprofessional enough to no-show, they are unprofessional enough to ignore your bill. I've never heard of this happening, and I would be astonished if it did.

Probably preaching to the converted here, but if you're spending money on a studio, book somebody with a good reputation. I like the advice about booking two models for a studio shoot. I was booked in this way recently, and I turned up & she didn't.

Swings & roundabouts innit! I'd be interested to know if anyone has successfully billed a model for a no-show, but I'm not holding my breath.

laylarc is a naughty person happens, and if I had to let somebody down last-minute, I would offer them the original shoot plan for free.

21 August 2013 17:30

Quote from stolenfaces

It would be unenforceable - you can only claim for actually sustained losses as a result of the breach of contract, and you have a duty to mitigate these.

Yes I agree (although there seems to be at least one rare exception) and talk is cheap. But I wonder at the margin whether increasing or rather making explicit the (admittedly very weak) threat of enforcing cancellation fees might be sufficient to filter out a few of those novice models who deep down know they are unlikely to honour their booking. A few of the really established models on here seem to use that approach - I wonder how successful they think it has been?

21 August 2013 17:34

Bluesapphire has these sort of terms and conditions on her page - and she is very switched on. Might see if I can get her to contribute to this thread

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