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Opinions on my friend as a plus size model

Paul Hodson is off-line
16 August 2013 09:49
United Kingdom

Quote from mph
So depends on what you define as "be a model" (and probably her potential levels too)

Quote from modjo30
Not really, I just wanted to know if she had a good enough look.

Erm - I think it's very relevant.  There are "models" on this site that most people would be surprised to see be labelled as models - but there is a huge difference between an "internet model", and an agency fashion or lifestyle model.

And putting it bluntly, at adult levels - which I don't for a moment imagine you have in mind - it appears anything goes!
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OldMaster is off-line
17 August 2013 12:54
United Kingdom

Its not just about "look"..its about personality and the ability to express it. There is something of an exhibitionist in a model who must be able to "respond" to the camera and project themselves?

If she has these qualities than size is far less relevant. There are models of all shapes and sizes, fashions, fetishes and fads because there is a requirement for all sorts in the market place.

Only the lady will know if she is able to project any of these qualities and although it is great that you clearly offer your support and help the confidence must come from her. In fact, given that she may not be physically more the "norm" she will have to make up for it by being fun, extrovert, etc, etc..and a good business woman!

05 September 2013 08:57

I'd be happy to work with her, the potential is there to see, it just needs bringing out. An informal and relaxed shoot fully clothed should be enough to make a definitive evaluation.
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